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Comfort. Support. Life After Perinatal Loss.

Luke Lives On is committed to assisting families who have endured pregnancy loss or early infant death with a positive grieving experience through the gift of comfort boxes and post-hospital follow-up support. We hope that the gift box eliminates the feeling of empty arms that so many mothers experience after leaving the hospital, and that the box contents provide families with a variety of support resources for the road of grieving to healing.


How to help

When the right words are difficult to find, the simple gift of our box can create the first steps in healing by providing comfort, hope and direction to grieving families.


Healing starts with the simple gift of showing love.  Your donations allow us to generously give our boxes to those in need of support, whether it be a mother who has lost her third baby or the hospital who delivers over 100 angels each year.  


There's beauty in simplicity, and we like to keep it pretty simple!  We host box making parties twice a year and host an annual luncheon fundraiser.  Check out Events to learn more about how you can participate in each.

Angel Wall​

There's a common theme among grieving families:  feeling alone.  Maybe you've never known anyone who has lost a baby.  Maybe your family and friends are having difficulty acknowledging that your baby existed.  Maybe you're expected to be "OK" because you've already got living children.  Whatever it is, please know you are NOT ALONE in this journey. 


Check out our Angel wall which proudly honors many of our LLO babies.  Feel free to add your angel to our wall as well.

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